We Are Family…. I’ve got all my sister’s with me!

While I was back home my family and I attempted to take a more recent photo. It was the first time that I had used my camera’s timer! I would like to say that it was easy and everything ran smoothly, however, I would be a terrible fibber and completely wrong. It was Christmas day and it was about 7 degrees outside and sunny, not the ideal situation when you’re trying to get  7 people and 4 dogs together for some awesome shots! We decided to leave the dogs in the heat so they wouldn’t be miserable and bundled ourselves up for the adventure! We started out at the Ice Castles in Silverthorne and ended up by the house for better lighting. Snow + Altitude + Clear, Sunny Day = horrible lighting conditions. I just kept thinking, ” I can post-process that later!” In hindsight, it was an awful idea. We managed to get some decent shots that we can use until the next gathering so I hope you enjoy the family minus the 4 dogs!


Ice Castles = Amazing

I went back home to Colorado for Christmas this year and while we didn’t ski due to the lack of snow on the ground and the influx of tourists in town for the holiday we did get a chance to check out the new Silverthorne Ice Castles. They are beautiful even though they aren’t complete as of yet. I highly recommend going to check them out at night, preferably a clear, star-filled one and bring some hot chocolate to boot!

Holiday Parties!

I know it has been a while, however, like many of you I have been super busy with the holiday season! I’m now catching up quickly for some lost time. A dear friend had her annual holiday party and I couldn’t stop myself from snapping pictures of the kids! I think they attract me like a magnetic force to the earth. We had such a great time and the food was amazing.

Love is in the air

Come rain or come dusk we still manage to take decent shots! Cindy & Sean are such a great, accommodating couple that I really feel blessed to have worked with them. We were plagued with the only rain of the year in Houston, then the following breeding of mosquitoes and not to mention painful stickers. They still managed to put smiles on their faces and make the shoot worth while. I am glad to inform you that we were able to get some good images. I can’t wait to see what the wedding has to offer!