Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Best Bites Competition

If you are in Houston and you haven’t been to this event yet, shame on you! It’s a class act provided by the infamous Rodeo Uncorked Wine Committeeman that is sure to please the taste buds and bring wining and dining to a Texas-sized level. I would buy your tickets to next years event ASAP and encourage you to come and see what all the hype is about! Tantalize your taste buds and enjoy amazing wines plus it’s a fantastic atmosphere sure to please! Check out some of these images I took this year and feel free to check out more at http://www.rodeouncorked.com.


Wedding Bells are Ringing

I recently collaborated with a dear friend and local photographer, Long with Mineralblu Photography   and we rocked this wedding and had a blast!  Sean and Cindy tied the knot on the perfect day after a whirl-wind of storms earlier in the week! It was a beautiful wedding full of flowers (my favorite,) candy bar, beautiful attire and the most perfect sunset ever! And to top it all off they had a rapper, truly! My congratulations go to Cindy and Sean as they begin their journey together, forever.


Student Gifts 2012

I couldn’t help but be really proud of these cute little projects done for my end of the year presents to my students! They are super easy to make and I think the kids are going to love them. I took small pop-top cans and opened up the bottoms, cleaned out the insides, filled them with m&m’s and re-glued the bottoms! I then took abc scrapbook paper from Michael’s cut it into 2 1/2 inch strips and wrapped them around the cans. I finished it off with a brown ribbon on the top and a sweet sticker and a note for the kids. These would be perfect for a baby shower or a birthday party favor !

We Are Family…. I’ve got all my sister’s with me!

While I was back home my family and I attempted to take a more recent photo. It was the first time that I had used my camera’s timer! I would like to say that it was easy and everything ran smoothly, however, I would be a terrible fibber and completely wrong. It was Christmas day and it was about 7 degrees outside and sunny, not the ideal situation when you’re trying to get  7 people and 4 dogs together for some awesome shots! We decided to leave the dogs in the heat so they wouldn’t be miserable and bundled ourselves up for the adventure! We started out at the Ice Castles in Silverthorne and ended up by the house for better lighting. Snow + Altitude + Clear, Sunny Day = horrible lighting conditions. I just kept thinking, ” I can post-process that later!” In hindsight, it was an awful idea. We managed to get some decent shots that we can use until the next gathering so I hope you enjoy the family minus the 4 dogs!

Ice Castles = Amazing

I went back home to Colorado for Christmas this year and while we didn’t ski due to the lack of snow on the ground and the influx of tourists in town for the holiday we did get a chance to check out the new Silverthorne Ice Castles. They are beautiful even though they aren’t complete as of yet. I highly recommend going to check them out at night, preferably a clear, star-filled one and bring some hot chocolate to boot!