Karina 6th Birthday Houston Gymnastics Academy


Here are the rest of the pictures from Karina’s Birthday party! These little kids were so incredibly fun and quick as they swung, jumped, ran and zip-lined their way through the party! They are tough to keep up with!

Website Overhaul

You have to love the of technology where you have a million options to chose from when it comes to website design. My problem is that I am a little indecisive in this department. I have recently deleted my previous website that I spent endless hours designing and putting up, I just didn’t think it was what I was really going for. I have decided that the blog roll is a little more me, plus it gives y’all a chance to see some of my prior images! I hope to continuously work on my website to keep it super user friendly and add some fluff to it as I go. I hope that y’all will embark on this journey with me and will forgive me if you absolutely hate it.