And then she found us.

I truly believe that sometimes things happen for a reason and on this beautifully sunny morning this emaciated and mostly hairless puppy found me. I almost drove by but figured I would at least leave her some food and water. So out I come with both and she devours  the food and drinks all the cold water. She had obviously been living on the harsh Houston streets for a while. After finishing her meal, she wouldn’t leave my side. I knew then that I needed to help this poor pup.

Off to the vet we went to see if she was microchipped, and sure enough she was! We went ahead and had her shots given, heartworm tested and dewormed just in case.  She came home and got a nice long bath to rid her skin of fleas and ticks and clean off all the dirt and grime that had accumulated and lots of food since she needed to gain 20 pounds.

Today we are at 6 weeks with her and Lizzy “Liz Lemon” has learned to sleep through the night, play with the others, gained some weight, loves her crate and is just the sweetest little thing. Sadly, we still have been unable to locate her owners. We have a loving home lined up and know that she will live a happy, loving life from here on out. I love when stories have a happy ending!


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