Goodbye Old Friend

It has taken me a while to get the point where I can write this without crying, and frankly, I had an ugly cry before I started. You see, I had to say goodbye to my best friend, unexpectedly. It was the hardest and most painful thing I have ever had to do. Digit, my first fur-baby is now an angel among us.

July 30th, 2004, I had just graduated from Colorado State and had moved to Houston for more school and needed a companion! So I meandered over to the SPCA to see what they had. There in a top cage was this sad, big floppy eared, large bellied puppy just staring into my eyes. I told myself I was only going to look but once I saw this little fellow I knew he was the one. So, I went up to the counter and told them that I would like to adopt him! I was told it wasn’t going to happen, you see, I was living in an apartment and I had an out-of-state drivers license. No go. I begged and pleaded and told them that I was headed to Colorado where he would have a home and lots of places to play! Well, the kind hearted worker allowed me to adopt and I could pick him up on Monday, August 1!

From then on out it was pure love. Once we got rid of the coccidia and tapeworm, he grew so incredibly fast! He loved his Texy play dates, the two of them romping around getting all that puppy energy out. Well, he outgrew the apartment weight limits. So, we packed him up and headed to Colorado; a month before our planned date. He LOVED it up at the grandparents house; playing with the kids, in the snow, warm bed by the fireplace. Truly heaven. I joined him shortly after and we moved to our own place in Denver. I even had to get a king sized bed for the two of us to snuggle in, he had somehow grown to 130 pounds. My gentle giant. He always knew when fresh linens were placed on the bed, he was the first to hop up and enjoy them. He was a mischievous little fellow, always wanting to play hide-and-seek, eating items he shouldn’t (matchbox cars, shock collar remotes and tree branches,) when he would play chase he would take his paw and wrap it around your leg to bring you down. Cutest thing EVER! He would play with Copper and Dodger, his fur cousins, in the snow, around the house and tug of war. Then, one night, he was a little bit off; dry heaving, not eating and not drinking much water. So into Aspen Arbor we went, to find out that he had a ball of stuff clogging his stomach! Gastropexy it was to find out that the ball was a sock and a bunch of bone shards. He felt so much better when he was all fixed up thanks to the awesome vets and staff there. Andrew and Tex would drive up from Houston and visit during breaks, it was always good to see old friends and play again in the fresh mountain air.

Fast forward to May 2007; I went down to Houston to watch Andrew graduate from Law School and celebrate my birthday when much to my surprise a proposal was made. So back to Houston we went, moved in with Andrew and Texas and the four of us were off to take on the world. Tex and Digit were the best of friends, napping, swimming, playing and road trips were their favorite. Once, he even brought in a live opossum into the house and was so proud of what he had done!

Then March of 2013 we invited Carlotta (because she was in a car lot) aka Little Mamma to be a foster in our home. This beautiful little pitty was always in traffic on the street and we just couldn’t leave here there in dangers way. She fit in so well that in May we adopted her completing our family. Three fur-babies just as happy as can be. Digit loved company; kids, adults anybody who would come and play, let him sit on their laps or would give a good butt scratch. He even welcomed in Callie and Jaxson; two foster puppies from Barrio Dogs without as much of a growl. Digit also kept the treat companies in business and had me trained; he would paw me or the furniture every time he wanted a treat and his will was stronger than mine, no matter how hard I tried! He loved visiting Long Drive Animal Hospital to see all his friends when it was time to get nail clippings, lipomas removed or check-ups. They were always so excited to see him.

We always knew that the day would come, and it truly was a blessing that it happened so quickly. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we were heading out to take the family walk when we noticed that Digit was walking a little funny; he looked as if he were drunk. We made it out to the street and he collapsed in the middle of the street. We tried to get him up but he just didn’t have the energy so we managed to carry him back and get him in the “dog car.” We rushed to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists – ER where they checked him out finding pericardial effusion. So they were able to take the fluid off his heart and he perked back up and was able to come home that night. We were so excited to have our Digit home and Texy and Mamma wouldn’t leave his side. He was lethargic and tired and just wanted to lay on his spot on the couch. at 2:45am, we knew that this wasn’t the end of his battle. He didn’t have enough energy to eat, get back inside after using the bathroom or even move about the house. We decided that it was time to bring him back in to the Critical Care Unit and see if it was something more. On the way to the office, Digit found the strength to stand up and put his head out the window; we could hear that big ‘ol ear flapping on the top of the car and his eyes were closed as if it was the best thing ever. At the CCU, they performed an echocardiogram and found that there was a mass on Digi’s heart and the sack was again filled with blood. The time had come. We weren’t ready  but couldn’t imagine a life where he was suffering. Dr. Jardes was amazing and helped us through the process and as we watched him lying there, so peaceful we knew that he was in a better place. We will forever be grateful for the compassion the staff showed us that night.

It has almost been a month and while I know that time will heal, it’s tough coming home and not seeing that big ‘ol smile or being whacked on the leg by his tail because he is just so excited to see you. I miss cuddling with him on the couch or playing hide and seek. I’ve got buckets full of raw hides that I bought specifically for him or skipping over his food bowl when I fill two instead of three. It hurts when I see the other two dogs depressed and and missing him so much. I reflect on all the good times that I can never forget as they are the times that I cherish and know that he was my best friend and I was his. Until we meet again old friend. I love you and I miss you.

Digit (Farrell) Wright

June 10, 2005 – January 11, 2016




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